Choose from a range of teeth straightening treatments

Gone are the days of metal fixed braces. There are now many different ways your dentist or orthodontist can help you achieve straighter teeth and a more attractive, natural smile.

1What does modern orthodontic treatment involve?
The latest advances in orthodontic treatment give you many options for achieving straighter teeth. At Magpies Dental we offer a range of systems including removable invisible braces such as Invisalign, hidden lingual braces which sit on the back of the teeth, and Clarity braces which have discrete tooth-coloured components.
2How long does it take?
Treatment times vary depending on which of your teeth need to be moved and how quickly they respond. As a rough guide, treatment duration varies from 6 to 18 months.
3Does it hurt?
Having your brace fitted isn’t painful. However, it’s common to have slightly tender teeth for 3-5 days after each fitting and adjustment. Over the counter headache tablets will be all you’ll need.
4Is it expensive?
The exact cost will depend on the type of brace you choose and the length of treatment. The expense of the treatment should be weighed up against the long-term quality of life that the straighter, whiter teeth will give you.
5Will I have to have teeth out?
Most treatments with modern brace systems can be done without removing teeth. However there are some cases where removing a tooth or teeth will give a better result.
6How often will I need an appointment?
Once your brace has been fitted you’ll need to see your dentist or orthodontist every 6-8 weeks for adjustments.
7Can I eat normally?
A clear removable brace such as Invisalign can be taken out when you want to eat. With fixed braces you may be asked to avoid certain foods and drinks.
8What happens at the end of treatment?
Your teeth will try to return to their original position. In order to prevent this you will be fitted with retaining appliances, which may be fixed or removable.

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